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Can private foundations give cash prizes and other awards?

Private foundations, known for their philanthropic giving in the form of grants to IRS-recognized public charities, also have the option to establish award programs. Such programs should align with the foundation's mission and contribute to its charitable objectives. While award initiatives are not commonly utilized, they offer an additional avenue for foundations to foster positive change within their philanthropic endeavors.

Notably, a number of private foundations in the United States actively sponsor award programs. One prominent example is The World Food Prize, an esteemed international award that acknowledges the achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to human development by enhancing the quality, quantity, or accessibility of food worldwide. This prestigious prize has been bestowed annually since 1987 and honors laureates with a diploma, a commemorative sculpture, and a substantial monetary award.

Setting up an award program requires careful adherence to various rules and regulations to maintain compliance with the IRS. To fulfill these requirements, the program should be structured as a recognition of prior achievements, granting the recipients the freedom to utilize the prize money without restrictions. Violating the rules by attempting to control the actions of prize winners or dictating how the award money should be spent can lead to legal complications.

However, despite the challenges associated with IRS regulations, award programs can be thoughtfully designed to promote the importance of a particular field or cause, offering incentives for innovation in specific areas of interest. Such initiatives can contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge and excellence in various disciplines.

Navigating the intricacies of the IRS requirements surrounding prize programs can be complex, and non-compliance may result in severe penalties. Therefore, seeking counsel from an experienced legal practitioner before establishing an award program is a prudent step to ensure that the foundation remains in good standing and that its philanthropic endeavors are carried out smoothly and effectively.

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